Monday, January 17, 2011

Day of Rest - for some. Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011

Well, the icy conditions managed to keep we UPGers off the courts all week, but we finally broke out of the slump and played Sunday P'all. We even had to change venues, due to the icy park road at Timmons. Ended up at McPherson Park. Two minor problems: Some snow on the edge of the only available court; the other occupied by two rather good players involved in a game we later learned is called tennis and is played with fuzzy balls. If you want to make something of that little fact - go ahead!

We were armed with push brooms, a squeegee and Ace brought a shovel (Documented below). Ten players showed up: Mike, Steve, Jan, Lynne (Ace), Joanie, Sharon, Gary, Muriel, Gary A and this scribe. Temperature in the 40s. Nice. We cleaned up the courts in short order and after an hour the tennis players left, so we occupied that court immediately. Played, doubles as always, 1/2 a game of Canadian Doubles and one game of full-court singles.

We played for two hours. Spidy, usually one of the last to leave - left a little early because he had a nasty cold. Toughed it out, though. Ace gets kudos for scouting out Timmons and McPherson on Saturday. Her on-site reporting brought us to McPherson.

Any questions? Good. Stay tuned for the official announcement about our next session.

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