Thursday, January 20, 2011

P'ball - Wednesday, Jan 19, 2011 - Back @ Timmons

A Wednesday match caught some of our players with other obligations, but we still ended up with 9 players: Bill (a newbie), Joanie, Catherine, Steve, Mike, Ralph, Gary, Sharon & yon editor. It was good to see Ralph back in action. The courts were wet, but our maintenance division spiffed them up pronto. New guy Bill (also a GNHA hiker) joined us for his 1st try at P'ball and did well. Within the 1st half hour he took a digger - judged as a low-degree of difficulty (LDD) swan dive. None the worse for wear, he only garnered a 7.0 for the effort. Much room for improvement.
Above: Bill, looking like a seasoned p'ball veteran. Got his 1st win late in the day, partnered with Stevie Wonder. Below: Gazelle-like Joanie de arc lunges for a backhander.
Spidy was in action today, but still burdened with a cold. Under the circumstance - catching him in a debilitated state, and definitely out of sorts, I (Spike) cleverly challenged him to a singles match. It was the best idea I had all day. It went my way because I finally gained a sympathy point when he was leading 8-0. Spidy, clearly off his game battled back, and eventually, barely edged me by a scrawny 11-1 score.
Above: Spike and Ralph. Catherine-the-great took a bunch of pictures when she wasn't playing. This is one of them. She demanded copyright privileges. The editorial staff usually plagiarizes all documents and photos so it isn't familiar with the copyright symbol. But, for the record: this photo is copyrighted. So, duplicate it at your peril.

 The weather was exceptional, closing in on 60 degrees. So, we played for over two hours and had a good time as always. We'll be playing Friday @ Timmons. Watch for the notification.


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