Sunday, January 23, 2011

Logo (Or, loco) Day - Friday, Jan 21, 2011

This was another Freaky Friday event. The charge: Wear something featuring a favorite school, sport or almost any event for which p'ballers had, or could borrow attire. This was our third such event and the participation was an overwhelming 125%. As you can see above and below, many institutions were represented including the University of Adidas - where ever that is? Thirteen players were on hand to display their wears (< intentional play on words!!!) and to play pickleball: Gary, Gary A, Bill, Bob H, Steve, Jan, Anne, Joanie, Ralph, Peter, John, Sharon & Ron.
The UPG photographer remained very professional, even while shooting the front of Anne's, Joanie's, and Sharon's T-shirts. They are represented by these logos: The Red Sox/Celtics, Marathon & Colts. Who's who?
Above: Bob H w/ Ohio State duds. Who would have ever guessed? Ralph forehanding and determined. Bill's badge of honor for the wounds he collected on his first day playing P'ball (Wed, Jan 19). John ready for a backhand. ... Highlights for some: Cupcake and Jan defeated Gary-The-Long-and-Lean & Ralph The-Sturdy in a brilliantly executed match. Much gaiety (and/or merriment) followed the victory by the dynamic damsels. One of the UPG enforcers suggested a penalty for excessive celebration, but the  thought was stiffled quickly by the UPG Rules Committee. Anne (Pit Bull) was on her game - drilling the ball at will, and Stevie Wonder was as hot as a Chinese firecracker with a short fuse - and, twice as quick. And: We received a report from Kevin from the Rec. Dept. that the resurfacing and P'ball lining of the 5 courts at Gowers Park is still in the works. A few obstacles that were holding up the project have been resolved. No time frame yet, but things are looking up.

Watching the weather.

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