Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday P'ball - Sept. 21, 2010

We had 10 players in action: Lynne, Mike, Johnny, Carol, Steve, Ray, Charley, Bob H, Sharon & Ron. It was a swell day temperature-wise and we had a bit of a wind to help keep things interesting. We rotated around and everybody got to play everybody. We had several sparkling matches and a few lesser ones including at least two shutouts. Lynne (Ace) was literally on fire - serving up ACES like they were going out of style. Spidy is still the court choreographer and is doing a spanking job - while maintaining his steadfast position as being one of the hardest to beat in any given match.
Stevie Wonder was on his best behavior, only being scolded once for poaching; Buckeye was hot at the net and delivered more than a few body strikes (sometimes with the ball). Carol & Johnny (Lash & Hoot) played their usual stellar games - chewing away at their opponents' good nature and adding to their individual point spreads.
The rest of the troops? Charley, Cupcake, Ray and yon editor: Just kept plugging along, banging away at the ball, winning a few and losing a few.
Another good day under our belts. We will be back at it again on 'Freaky Friday', September 24, 2010. Watch for the e-mail announcement.

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