Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Freaky Friday & P'ball - 9/24/2010

OK. We celebrated our 1st ever (and last) First Freaky Friday and it was a rousing success with 80% participation including 'ball-girl' Lou. The theme: Cruise/island attire. At first it seemed to the Group Event Organizer (GEO) that some of our 9 players didn't put their entire hearts into this highly publicized event. But, as the P'ball session progressed, folks started pulling stuff out of their bags and soon displayed some spiffy outfits. Some came dressed for the occasion, but as you can see, that might have posed some problems for Spidy who was the all-out winner. He was scantily attired in a lava-lava that he brought back from his recent trip to Hawaii & Samoa. Above: Spidy graciously accepts the First Place Trophy from Cupcake (a 3rd runner up). Below: Ace, Second Place winner receives her trophy from yours truly (among the also rans).
Present for the fun and games: Mike, Pete, Jan, Lynne, Steve, Muriel, Charley, Sharon & Ron and our ball-shagger Lou. Below: Four more '3rd runners-up' (or runner-ups, but the first version is the best option).
We also played Pickleball and had a bunch of good games. And, it was hot again. We are all anxiously awaiting the Fall weather.
Don't forget. You can enlarge these photos (including the collages) by double-clicking them with your left mouse button. Below: Freaky Friday mosaic w/ smiley.
The upcoming weather could pose some scheduling problems next week; we'll see how it goes. Watch for related E-mails.

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