Thursday, September 16, 2010

P'ball session - Tuesday, 9/14/2010

No pictures today. Too, busy shagging players around the court. But, Spidy has volunteered to take on that job so this blurbist can spend more time 'shootin' and less time grumbling.

We had 10 players in action: Johnny, Carol, Ray, Charlie, Bob H, Mike, Lynne, Steve, Sharon & Ron.

Long-lost Gary showed up as well, somewhat worse for the wear. He took a digger while participating in a long bicycle ride in Oregon which is somewhere in the northwest - we think. Gary managed to fracture his clavicle and received some road burns as well, but refused to show the wounds to us. Anyway, his left arm is in a sling, but that didn't keep him from trying some practice shots with a member of the UPG Physical Therapy Unit who happened by. Gary will be out of action for several weeks, but he will be allowed to shag balls for us according to the Rules Committee.

Otherwise, we enjoyed the nice day and all of the action on the courts. The players thinned out as the morning wore on, but we still managed to have 4 players in action until 12:15. That's 3 hrs and 15 minutes of almost pure fun.

We'll be playing on Friday 9/17/2010. Watch for the e-mail notice. You, too Spidy!


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