Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday (Wetday) P'ball - Sept. 28, 2010

The courts were wet when the 1st p'ballers arrived on the scene, but the troops pitched in dried up things in nothing flat. Buckeye, arrived when the task was almost finished. But, just to make sure that he wouldn't have to wield a squeegee, he milled around his truck for about 5 minutes - killing time. You go, Bucky! Regulars, Ralph and John (The Spinmaster) were back in action as well. Also: Mike (Spidy), Carol (Lash), Johnny (Hoot), Jan, Charley, Ray, Sharon (Cupcake) and Ron (Spike). Should total 11. If not, be sure to write in.
Above: Cupcake about to let one fly. Below: The Spinmaster (L) and Hoot.

Below: That would be Jan in the stylish, but casual mode.
Players straggled in until 10:00 and most petered out by 11:30, but we managed to get lots of matches in. Some tight and some blowouts. But, that's the way the game goes. Our weather forecasters are hard at work and the UPG Doppler unit is fired up and operational - that combination should almost guarantee a weather forecast for Friday. Will advise.

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