Sunday, September 5, 2010

The return of the Bob - Friday, 9/03/10

Above: Bob T in action after an official, and authorized medical leave of absence of about 3 months. It didn't take Bob long to get into the swing of things as can be seen above. In fact, he blew a serve by Sharon (Cupcake) that whistled in flight - "made kind of a whizzing sound" is what witnesses seemed to recall. So, Cupcake blessed Bob T with the nickname Whiz. So it is written, so it shall be. (P'ball 2:25). Welcome back, also to Anne (Pit Bull). She has also been off the P'ball scene, busy with major home renovations. Got back into the the game quickly. The other Bob, the Buckeye one, was happier than a clam because Ohio State won it's 1st game of the season, but the smile soon turned to an agonizing grimace after ol' Buckeye took two direct pickleball hits to the midsection while protecting the non-volley line. He is expected to make a full recovery.

We had 10 players total: Bob T, Bob H, Johnny, Anne, Lynne, Charlie, Catherine, Steve, Sharon & this blurbist (a new word, that you are free to use at will).

Our 2nd semi-official dress-code day went over like a lead balloon. Two duds in a row! Believe it or not, some folks had a hard time coming up with these common, basic, every-day colors: mauve, periwinkle, chartreuse and burnt umber. Catherine, came the closest - according to our judges - with a shirt that closely resembled chartreuse. The temperature was a little cooler and that inspired a lot more action on the courts. With just 9 players there wasn't much time to rest in the shade or on our laurels. We had lots of good p'ball action and a great time gabbing when we had a chance. Sorry to say that Charlie bummed a calf muscle so had to sit out the last few matches. Hope it is a temporary setback.
Above: Hoot & Cupcake.
Below: Catherine in chartreuse?
So, that's the report. Stay tuned for other fun-filled announcements, p'ball factoids and grossly exaggerated stories. Watch for a notice of a special day - perhaps on Friday, September 10th.

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