Friday, September 17, 2010

P'ball Session - Fri, Sept 17, 2010

That's Jan in the foreground executing a backhand, and Ace in the background executing a forehand. Coy play on words, no? Two executions, too. That doesn't happen every day! Sorry about taking editorial liberties.

We had a nice day and 9 players showed up to play some p'ball: Mike, Steve, Lynne, Jan, Ray, Charley, Pete, Johnny and Ron (Blurbist and complainer).
Above: Hoot & Pete deal with Stevie Wonder and Ace (away).
Above. Clockwise from top L: Jan & Charley, Ray, The Shadow, Pete.
Below: Clockwise from top L: Ace & Stevie Wonder, Hoot hitting hard, Stevie Wonder in fine form, Ace's signature backhand.
Spidy made his Court Coordinator debut today and should be applauded for his effort. At one point there were 7 players on one court and two on the other (both on the same side of the net*), but no one noticed and the matches went on without a hitch.
*This twosome won 11-0 and reportedly never relinquished the serve.
Last event of the day: Spidy-the-long, came back from a 6-2 deficit to crush the not-so-dynamic duo of Stevie-I-Wonder & Bent-Roofing-Nail (formerly Spike) 12-10. That would be the second such defeat in as many chances.
See you next week. Be sure to READ related emails, because there will be a Special Event on Friday, September 24, 2010. These occasional Friday events will generally be referred to as 'Freaky Fridays' (phrase graciously provided by Jan). The awesome and exciting events will have a theme to be determined. But, you must READ all of the words in the E-mails, otherwise you may come to p'ball and be shunned because you are not in the proper mode - if you get the drift! Read & heed.
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