Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yes, we have no bandannas - 9/10/2010

Well, only 3 had no bandannas. Spidy gets a pass because he didn't receive the email notification about the event; Buckeye had some lame excuse - something about OSU logo prohibitions, Stevie Wonder doesn't have a bandanna and Ray didn't offer any excuse what-so-ever. Hoot got by with what looked a lot like a necktie, Jan had a ribbon of sorts and the rest of the crew displayed the all-purpose accessory in various modes as seen in the photos below including the surveillance file photo of Jan. Ace, is the uncontested winner of the first ever Bandanna -Day event. In addition to handily winning the unbelievable, and also awesome prize (to be determined by a date not yet known) is the official cover person of this episode of the UPG BLOG. She went the extra mile. Congratz.

Eleven were present for the festivities and Pickleball, too: Bob T, Bob H, Jan, Johnny, Pete, Ray, Steve, Mike (welcome back from worldly travels), Lynne, Sharon & Ron.

Above photo - clockwise from top L: Hoot w/ questionable, but passable bandanna; Cupcake colorfully adorned in lime green, Jan (long-lens security camera photo) and Whiz demonstrating the headband technique with his ball cap jauntily askew.
Above photo. Yon editor (neck style), Pete (hillbilly, square-dancer, rear pocket mode). Spidy demonstrating something, but we know not; actual P'ballers playing.
Above - Clockwise from top L: Ray, Cupcake & Buckeye, Stevie Wonder & Spidy.
With Spidy back on the scene, the conversation over the net increased somewhat and the fierceness of the matches did as well. Many fine games ensued and at least one went to 14-12. There was one notable shutout near the end of the session as well, but I promised Jan that I wouldn't mention it in the BLOG - so I won't. A promise is a promise!
For a guaranteed good time call... never mind. Check your email for the next P'ball schedule announcement.

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