Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Only flesh wounds - Tuesday, 9/07/2010

Carol (Lash) earns 'Poster-girl' status, for her tenacious playing style and hard-core returns. She is also recognized for her spiffy outfit including the matching knees.
Twelve players: Anne, Johnny, Carol, Lynne, Pete, Steve, Bob H, Bob T, Claude, Jan, Sharon & The Blurbist. Beautiful weather, slightly warm, occasional breeze. So much for the statistics.
The BLOG title refers to the many kill-shot strikes players suffered during the matches. It seems that there is a lot more net play lately. Consequently, folks are often bopped by balls that were meant to be lobs, but fell short and were then drilled into their chops instead! At least 5 players took direct hits so there were plenty of welts to go around - one just forming on Ace's leg (below R).
Claude made about 15 successful, back-spin drop shots, leaving the opposing players swinging at dead air - 5 feet from the ball. Can't let him watch any more of the US Open, otherwise he'll be using fuzzy balls and serving overhand.
As often happens, there were a few blowouts, but thankfully most matches were tight including 3 'overtime' matches. Stevie Wonder was in all 3 matches and was on the winning side twice.
We'll be at it again on Friday, September 10th if the weatherperson is kind to us. Watch your E-mail. An exciting Friday event is in the early planning stages. Read & heed your E-mail. This is serious business and should not be taken lightly.
Spike (The Blurbist)

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